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SolliQ | Solutions with liquids

SolliQ is an innovative engineering and manufacturing company located in Malmö, Sweden. We pride ourselves on solutions that continually push the limits of technologies from machine to machine communications to hydraulics and automation.

SolliQ specializes in the manufacture of machines and automated systems for the application of environmentally friendly agents from anti-ice and lubrication to dust control.

Our extensive understanding of winter related problems plaguing modern infrastructure have led us to a number of innovative solutions that set us apart from outdated industry standards. Our innovative solutions have a direct payback to rail owners, operators and maintenance organizations. Indirectly, our solutions benefit the public, industry and infrastructure.

Solutions for winter conditions
Environmentally friendly
Road, rail and aviation
Environmentally friendly solutions for winter conditions in road, rail and aviation


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Soil Binder

For bound road surfaces

Soil Binder is a special product that creates an engineered stabilized 7 to 25 cm layer with unique superior strength for roadways.

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IFZ Rail

Ice Free Zone for rail

IFZ keeps your railroad free from ice & snow. It’s economically beneficial and a very effective proactive tool to enhance your operational time-inservice.

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IFZ Aviation

Ice Free Zone for aviation

IFZ is also used in the aviation industry. Where it keeps the runway free from ice and snow. Landing and taking off will be smooth even in winter.

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Trafikverket Infranord Skånetrafiken MTR Express Lund University Faculty of Science
Trafikverket Infranord Skånetrafiken MTR Express Lund University Faculty of Science


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211 24 Malmö
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+46 40 18 68 61

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