atmospheric ice test chamber
The test chamber after running for an hour.
In order to maintain the highest of quality standards, SolliQ built a unique 63m3 atmospheric testing chamber. The purpose for this was to test our environmentally friendly liquids in extreme weather conditions and to continually improve on quality. During testing, ice and snow build up in a way similar to real-life conditions found on the railroads during harsh winter months. Naturally, we can adjust climatic conditions, humidity, temperature, ice, snow build up to 90cm/h and even wind velocities up to 300km/h. The insulated container can be cooled down to a specific desired temperature.

Obviously, the aim of the test chamber is to mirror, as closely as possible, the extreme winter conditions encounted by tains and railroad switches thereby testing our liquids to the fullest.

Below you can see a comparison between two plates sprayed with anti-ice liquid. The left one sprayed with our own in-house developed Ice Free Zone® and the right one with a liquid developed by a competitor already approved for avitaion type I, II & III de-icing. They where both put to the test in our ice test chamber. Naturaly, both plates were expsoed to exact weather conditions. SolliQ's Ice Free Zone® still leads the field in all areas.

SolliQ's Ice Free Zone®
Plate sprayed with Ice Free Zone®
Competing anti-freeze liquid
Plate sprayed with competing liquid