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Ice Free Zone

An anti-icing agent that remains in place and activates when needed.

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Ice Free Zone is an anti-icing agent. The liquid has multiple uses, last longer than any other product on the market and is 100% environmentally friendly. IFZ® keeps your railroad free from ice & snow. It’s economically beneficial and a very effective proactive tool to enhance your operational time-inservice.

Applied prior to a snow fall or freezing rain conditions or winter storms, SolliQ’s Ice Free Zone will remain in place and activate when needed. It melts falling and blowing snow to prevent switches from freezing ensuring uninterrupted switch operation in freezing temperatures.

Ice Free Zone is non-flammable, non-corrosive, and non-conductive. You can find more information on Ice Free Zone in our product sheet below.


  • Multi-component glycerin-based liquid flows easily at -40°C
  • Prevents trains and railroad switches from freezing and re-freezing down to -40°C
  • High viscosity prevents run-off during application
  • Adhesive ability allow it to stick to vertical surfaces
  • Can remain on bogies traveling at 300km/h for 600km to 800km depending upon climatic conditions
  • Remains on switches until depleted (about 15cm to 20 cm of snow)
  • Completely biodegradable and water soluble
IFZ sprayed on track


Ice Free Zone can of course be sprayed out manually, but it can also be sprayed out using our patented machines. Placed next to the track, they are able to spray trains and switches.



Remote Access Dual Automatic Switch Spray

RADASS is a machine that applies lubricants and anti-ice fluids to railroad switches. A task that typically spans several hours, can RADASS complete in under a minute.

The machine is fully automated with in-built parameters that can also be adjusted remotely by operators. All scheduling and application times are automatic and preprogrammed, so you do not have to think about when to apply the anti-ice liquid and when next to lubricate the glide-plates.

Other properties:

  • Is fully compatible with our Glidex lubricant
  • Is designed to work with Ice Free Zone
  • Remote operation and access, can be controlled from anywhere in the world
  • Automation based on individual micro-climate weather data
  • Adaptable system so the system can be tailored to specific needs



Remote Access Automatic Train Sprayer

RAATS is a machine that applies our Ice Free Zone anti-ice liquid to the undercarriages and bogies of trains. With the right pressure and required angles, the RAATS can automatically maximize liquid application and surface coverage to the desired areas.

Proper application to those hard to get areas prevents ice from bonding to your undercarriage and bogies. Do not allow ice from keeping your trains from operating at full service.

The RAATS machine eliminates:

  • Ice damage to breaks
  • Ice damage to train’s hydraulics
  • Ice falling from the trains into switches
  • Damage to the tracks from ice-loaded heavy trains
  • Ice build-up and de-icing of trains is no longer necessary
  • Dangerous conditions and ice from accumulating on the passenger door steps


Spray pattern




RAATS installation


Environmental certificate
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Team cleaning switch

If you have any questions about this product or would like to order a sample feel free to contact us through the form. We are more than happy to help you with any inquries and will be in touch with you as soon as possible.