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Soil Binder

Soil Binder provides soil stabilization, dust and erosion control.

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Soil Binder is a special product that creates an engineered stabilized 7 to 25 cm layer with unique superior strength for roadways. It's easily installed, requiring minimal equipment and personnel. The binder has water-resistant properties and resists moisture damage. Soil-Binder includes a total package consisting of SolliQ’s Design, Installation, Post Installation Performance Testing, and Quality Assurance and Verification Program.

Soil Binder provides a solid, cohesive polymer bound road surface which withstands traffic, loading abuses and extreme temperatures.


  • Environmentally friendly
  • Reduces road maintenance
  • Offers maximum weatherability of the road surface in all weather conditions
  • Prevents surface deterioration against potholes, washboarding, rutting and areas break-up
  • Increases load-bearing strength of all types of surfaces
  • Creates a smooth road which allows for better fuel efficiency and higher productivity


Soil Binder testing



Working with soilbinder

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